Who are we?

Dream Condos Pattaya

We are offering condos for rent, manage and arrange vacation apartments for rent in the beautiful seaside resort of Pattaya. We offer a high quality standard in terms of design, equipment and quality of the apartment. We also offer optional cleaning services up to hotel standard.
We also offer other studios for rent that are not listed here. Please contact us and we will send you an offer with pictures for the desired travel dates.

Do you need a Management for your Condo?

We also rent and manage your Condo. We will take care and treat it as it is our own Property. If you are interested to know more Details, please send us an inquiry.
We have more Demand than we can fullfil with the existing Apartments and are happy to get you more Bookings.

Are you looking for a Condo to buy?

We also sell Condos and will help to find the right one for you. We will be your consultant onsite and can answer all your questions. We can also help to sell or buy in Case you are not onsite via Power of Attorney.

Contact us

For general questions, reservations, inquiries and all other topics, please feel free to contact us.